Q. What can Tap’Em apps do for me and my business?

A. Our apps:

• Put your business in the palm of their hand 24/7 with click-to-call, GPS mapping and push notifications, your business hours, etc.

• Boost revenue and profitability by cementing relationships with current customers and drawing in new business

• Build brand loyalty with a custom loyalty program that rewards customers for desired behaviors

Q. Business app development costs can be expensive( typically starting around $5,000). How is it possible that Tap’Em apps can create an app for my business for less than $1000?

A. That’s the brilliance of it! The costs to develop the powerful plug-ins we provide as elements of your app have been spread over a large number of customers. This means you get an app with all the bells and whistles that best promote your business without needing to have them built from the ground up. What’s more, you can rest assured that all the bugs have long since been identified and corrected.



Q. What features can you incorporate into my app?

A. You pick the best channels for your business based on your customer preferences and your business building strategy. With a simple tap, you’ll engage your visitor and motivate them to visit your business, including:

• Third party integrations for popular platforms like Open Table and Skip the Dishes

• Loyalty programs

• Push notifications for time-sensitive specials (like lunch or happy hour specials) to get the word out, complete with geofencing* capability

• In-app online payment processing for product and services

• Coupon strategies to promote your brand

• Social strategies to identify new customers and engage the customers you already have.

• Audio and video media

• Online reservations

Q. What is *geofencing and how can I use it to sell more with my app?

A. Geofencing uses GPS to define geographical boundaries. A geofence is a virtual barrier that allows an administrator (you) to set up triggers so that when a device enters (or exits) the defined boundaries, an alert is sent out to the customer’s phone. For example, a restaurant can trigger a text message with the day’s specials to an opt-in customer.

Q. How can I use my app to increase engagement with my customers?

A. We integrate all the major social media platforms into our apps, as well as a feature that allows your customer to post comments and reviews. Your customers can even access their mobile device camera in-app. Full featured apps also come with a Management Dashboard that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Other questions? Don’t be shy. Give us a call at 780-669-2166 and we’ll be happy to help you.